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    North Eastern Pony Club

    Site Address: 798 Ten Mile Track 
    Postal Address: PO Box 384 
    Email dearne30@activ8.net.au
    Website www.northeasternpcat.org.au
    Phone 0428 541798
    Incorporated Yes
    AGM date 28th July 2014, 7pm Link Building, Scottsdale
    EFA affiliated Select
    Local council yes
    Ground ownership Local Council
    LandLord Name Dorset Council
    Jumper colour Dark Blue
    Tie colour Dark Blue
    Saddle cloth colour Indigo Blue with light blue trim, club logo
    Rally uniform colour Formal: Light blue shirt with collar, dark blue woollen jumper with striped bands at neck and wrist, dark blue tie. Active wear: club polo top with logo, dark blue, light blue striped rugby jumper. Beige jodhpurs.
    Usual rally day 2nd Saturday of the month
    Number of rallies 12


    Name Position Email
    Dannielle Cairns Club President smile4dani@hotmail.com Hm: 63541083
    Mb: 0427730867
    Anne Chitty Club Vice President peterannerachelle@hotmail.com Hm: 63528131
    Mb: 0448 883980
    Dearne Cuthbertson Club Vice President dearne30@activ8.net.au
    Leanne Wheeler Club Secretary Leeanne.Wheeler@dorset.tas.gov.au Hm: 63532378
    Mb: 0428541798
    Leanne Wheeler Club Treasurer Leeanne.Wheeler@dorset.tas.gov.au Hm: 63532378
    Mb: 0428541798
    Dearne Cuthbertson Club District Commissioner dearne30@activ8.net.au
    Rebekah Ranson Club Senior/Chief Instructor rebekahranson@gmail.com Hm: 63532343
    Helen McGregor Club Certificate Co-ordinator sghrmcgregor@hotmail.com Hm: 6353 2453
    Michelle Davis Club General Committee jmdavis@activ8.net.au Mb: 0447 523 839
    Steve McGregor Club General Committee sghrmcgregor@hotmail.com Hm: 6353 2453


    Upcoming Events Start End
    NEPC Rally 28 Nov 15 28 Nov 15
    NEPC Rally 12 Dec 15 12 Dec 15
    NEPC camp 14 Jan 16 16 Jan 16


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